PADI Emergency First Response

Primary & Secondary Care

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Diver First Aid Course In Phuket

The PADI Emergency First Response Course has a number of course options but the most popular is for primary and secondary care.

With a little self-study and ‘hands-on’ practical training in a classroom, and you’ll have this certification complete in about half a day… perhaps early enough to begin our PADI Rescue Course?

Our PADI Open Emergency First Response Course is only 4,900b.

Why Do Your PADI EFR Course?

The PADI Emergency First Response Course (EFR) won’t just help with diver emergencies. The skills learned may help family, friends or anyone who needs medical assistance. For example:

  • Can extend a patients life-line until EMS arrive.
  • Can help avoid life-threatening conditions.
  • Can reduce possible life-long disabilities.
  • Can help speed patient recovery.
  • Enables you to perform basic first-aid for less serious injuries.
  • Enables you to assist someone who’s sick.
  • Is required for PADI Rescue and other diver courses.

Please Note: There are multiple EFR courses available. The benefits listed above are primarily from the EFR Primary & Secondary Care courses. These courses do not replace professional care, such as from the Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

PADI Emergency First Response Courses may help save a person’s life!

PADI Emergency First Response

The core skills that you’ll learn on our PADI EFR course are:

Primary Care Skills

  • Scene assessment.
  • Barrier use.
  • Primary assessment.
  • Chest compressions.
  • Chest compressions with rescue breaths.
  • Serious bleeding management.
  • Shock management.
  • Spinal injury management.
  • Conscious / unconscious choking adult.
  • Emergency oxygen use.

Secondary Care Skills

  • Injury assessment.
  • Illness assessment.
  • Bandaging.
  • Splinting.

Feel Comfortable Giving Aid

You have to feel comfortable assisting someone in need, so we also make you feel as comfortable as possible on the course, including providing barrier and sterilization materials.

We take you step-by-step through the EFR skills training, so that after taking that first step to help, your skills training should kick-in to make a positive difference (should you ever need to give aid in real life).

A current EFR certification, that covers both basic life support (BLS – CPR etc.) and first aid, is required before receiving certification for a PADI Rescue Diver Course.

Our PADI EFR Primary and Secondary Care Course meets that requirement. It also prepares you well for pocket-mask use, rescue breathing and oxygen system use, as well as helping with the right mind-set for the PADI Rescue Course.

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Emergency First Response Course

You may purchase e-learning separately and arrange your training with us after, however our PADI EFR (Primary & Secondary Care) course is great value for money, as it includes all materials, training and certification.

Become A PADI Divemaster

The PADI Divemaster Course (for which a valid EFR certification is required) is the first professional level within PADI, allowing you to guide certified divers and perform a few other diving duties.

It introduces you to presenting diving information and techniques in a formatted way that’s easy to understand, plus hones your diving skills and teaches you diver management. You also learn a lot more about diving theory and the underwater environment.

Becoming a PADI Divemaster isn’t just about going pro! There’s huge personal satisfaction in achieving this awesome level of diving!

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Padi Divemaster

PADI EFR Course Rules

PADI Emergency First Response Course (Primary & Secondary Care) requirements include:

  • There are no age limits or other prerequisites. Anyone can take this course.

Other things to know:

  • Although there is studying to do, neither the reviews nor the exams have a pass mark. The course is simply aimed at doing your best to help a person in need, until professional EMS arrives.

Do Your Best With Us

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Proof of success: See our reviews

PADI EFR Course Guide

Here is a guide to the training schedule on a typical PADI Emergency First Response Course:

  • Prior to the practical training: Studying consists of bookwork with knowledge reviews, videos and final exams. The bookwork can be completed with printed materials, prior to or on the day of the practical training. We suggest studying in advance.
  • Half-Day Practical Training Session: You may, watch the videos first and then use the EFR Manual to go over skills training, or practice each skill as you go along through the videos.
  • Final exams: Both knowledge reviews and exams can be done before or after the practical training, though we suggest doing the exams last.
  • Don’t worry too much! The whole course is aimed at ‘doing your best’ and this includes the exams too, for which there’s no passing score set.

We’ll train you to the best of our ability – you simply do your best too.