PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Take your diving to the next level

This particular course is a very advanced and comprehensive course, taking two full days to complete. Throughout the course and its duration, you will be taught advanced diving techniques while enjoying the spectacular and breath-taking coral reefs of Phuket. The main focus of this course is very hands on and all about getting you plenty of diving some, so you can expect to spend very little time in the classroom and more time getting your feet wet!

After you have gone on to complete all of the required academic lessons, you will then go out with your instructor for three key dives that will cover the following areas: Navigating underwater, night diving expedition and diving to deeper levels. This is a very comprehensive course that will allow you to develop your skills further and better your understanding of more complex diving.

You can also select an additional two elective dives for this particular course. Your options will include drift diving, diving from a boat, underwater naturalist, multi-level diving and of course search and recovery diving. A course at this level allows you to start developing into a certain style of diving depending on what it is that you want to pursue. For those who are looking to go onto work in a particular industry the search and recovery path might be the one for you; where as others may be simply looking to purse diving as a hobby only and focus on other areas.

For more information please feel free to contact us directly, we are always more than happy to help. Start planning your ultimate diving trip and develop your core skills even further. There is an ocean full of vibrancy and mystery just waiting to be explored; do you have what it takes?